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Funding of Small Programs (under $100,000).

Supported Projects


On-line Business School "Innovations Connect Youth"

Grantee: Far Eastern Centre for the Development of Citizens' Initiatives and Social Partnership

The project seeks to create an on-line business educational system for young entrepreneurs in the Primorskiy Territory. It uses on-line education components to reach beginning entrepreneurs in remote regions. It has the support of local government. The main beneficiaries of this on-line education will be young entrepreneurs.

Problems of Application of the Law of the World Trade Organization in the Legal System of the Russian Federation

Grantee: Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation

The project aims at analyzing changes in the legal system of the Russian Federation in the WTO accession process and following the accession to the WTO, creating and implementing study courses "Problems of Application of WTO Law in the Legal System of the Russian Federation " and "WTO Law", preparing study materials, conducting trainings, publishing scientific articles and monographs on the "Russia and WTO" theme.

Creating a Model of Scientific and Technical Projects' Commercialization at the Regional Technical University

Grantee: Perm National Research Polytechnic University (PNRPU)

The project goals are creating a Proof of Concept Center, conducting master-classes, trainings, internships and competitions on innovational entrepreneurship, developing portfolio for innovative projects for investors.

Creating a Model of Scientific and Technical Projects' Commercialization

Grantee: National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University

The project aims at facilitating the creation of preconditions for long-term economic development through the personnel training in high-tech entrepreneurship and innovation, the translation of successful experience in the field of technological entrepreneurship and creation of working mechanisms for innovative projects support and commercialization.

Problems of the Application of the Law of the World Trade Organization in the Legal System of the Russian Federation

Grantee: Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation

The project aims at creating and developing of modern market mechanisms of legal regulation of the national economy as part of a single world economic system. Implementation of the project promotes the development of the rule of law and predictability of the legal policy of the Russian Federation.


Improving Financial Literacy and Fiscal Responsibility of Small Businesses (SMEs)

Grantee: Fund for Small Business Support of Irkutsk Region

The project aims at improving financial literacy and responsibility of small businesses (SMEs) of Irkutsk Region, forming adequate financial behavior and increasing access to financial resources.

Development of a 'Proof of Concept' Center at Tomsk Polytechnic University

Grantee: Tomsk Polytechnic University

The project goal is to establish a PoC as part of the system for preparation of major innovation projects on the basis of developments of the scientific-and-educational complex of Tomsk Region. The existing infrastructure is focused on monitoring, selection, and consulting support of scientific developments, without the purpose of creating large-scale, including interregional and international, projects that require special competencies of employees and an organized system of contacts with partners.

Conducting Research "Factors Stimulating Entrepreneurship in Russia"


The project is aimed at preparation, popularization and promotion of the research "Factors stimulating entrepreneurship in Russia", which will help inform the public about key barriers and opportunities to foster entrepreneurship in Russia, as well as to compare the findings with international experience.

Development of Mediation in Lipetsk Region

Grantee: Ural State Law Academy

The project is aimed at forming the corps of professional mediators in the region and developing methodology of interaction between the courts of general jurisdiction and professional mediators. For that matter, Mediation Center will adapt the mediation technologies and methods it has developed and introduced in the Sverdlovsk Region. The Lipetsk region is a special economic zone, which is attractive for investment by foreign institutions. ADR (including mediation) will strengthen the stabilization of economic relations and lead to more responsible conduct of business.


Economic Development of NGOs: Entrepreneurship and Working with Private Donors  

Grantee: St-Petersburg NGOs Development Centre

This project is particularly important at this time because Russian NGOs will have to learn how to raise funding domestically. The Development Center plans to develop the practically oriented course on fundraising and entrepreneurial skills that will be adopted by not less than fifty Russian NGOs. This project is supported by Distance Learning Center of the Moscow State University, and Higher Management School of the St-Petersburg State.

Youth Entrepreneurship Support and Development in the Primorsky Region

Grantee: Far Eastern Center for the Development of Citizens' Initiatives and Social Partnership

The aim of this project is help youth in the region develop their businesses. The project participants will be young people aged 18 to 35, who are planning or have already started their own business. Successful entrepreneurs will deliver master classes and mini-trainings in four cities of the Far Eastern Region: Vladivostok, Nakhodka, Ussuriisk, and Dalnegorsk. No less 180 participants will complete the training program and at least 60 graduates are expected to take part in the competition for the best business project.

Development of Innovative Entrepreneurship

Grantee: Kazan Technological University / Lehigh University 

In this project, KTU will develop a new program of entrepreneurship with a focus on the production of polymer composites, a strategic objective of the republic of Tatarstan and one of the university's research strengths. By drawing on the experience of its two partner US universities – Lehigh and Purdue – KTU will create a Masters degree program as well as courses, workshops and training sessions in such areas as business plans, marketing, strategic development, fund raising, and management.

Bridging the Gap: Professionalizing Legal Education in Russia Developing

Grantee: PILnet

This project will support an innovative legal ethics training program in Moscow and Yekaterinburg; develop a legal ethics course-book; and by organizing a "discussion club" provide a platform for reform-oriented discussions and initiatives among law professors and practicing lawyers.

Developing Mediation in Krasnoyarsk Region

Grantee: Siberian Federal University (SFU)

SFU Mediation Center will provide mediation training for at least 22 judges and 24 entrepreneurs (members of the Central Siberian Chamber of Commerce). The project team will also develop a practical training guide, entitled: "What is Mediation? How to Effectively Explain to the Parties the Right to Mediation" and will distribute it in electronic and print formats to judges throughout Krasnoyarsk Region.


Entrepreneurship Training for Catering Service Professionals

Grantee: Gusev Polytechnical School

The project is aimed at creation of a cadre of entrepreneurial specialists who would be able to set up catering services or restaurants. The "entrepreneurship center" of the Gusev Polytechical School seeks to establish a full-fledged program for training students in the area catering and food production.

Masters Degree Double-diploma Program "Management of Non-profit Organizations"

Grantee: Moscow State University, School of Public Administration     

Among the central challenges facing the development of civil society in Russia is the need for professional management of not-for-profit organizations. Moscow State University is proposing to met this need by establishing a Masters degree program in non-profit management through a partnership with the State University of New York (SUNY).

Continuing Education Institute for Attorneys by the Federal Chamber of Lawyers

Grantee: Federal Chamber of Lawyers of the Russian Federation

The project supported the system of continuing education for lawyers. This was done by establishing on the basis of the Federal Chamber of Lawyers a new educational body - Continuing Education and Additional Higher Education Institute for Attorneys and Lawyers. The Institute's programs are disseminated through the system of regional chambers throughout the country.

Development of a Master's Degree Program in Bankruptcy

Grantee: Association of Graduates of Moscow State University Law Department

The project focused on the goal of preparing skilled professionals in the area of bankruptcy. The project has resulted in the development of a Master's Degree program in bankruptcy, based on international best practices, including models available at US law schools. The program has been approved by the Education Board of Moscow State University Law Department and is to provide bankruptcy training for the courts, legislators, government agencies, and financial institutions.

Expert Exchange

Partner: The Supreme Commercial Court of the Russian Federation

The partnership between the Supreme Arbitrazh (Commercial) Court of the Russian Federation (SAC) and the US Russia Foundation for Economic Advancement and the Rule of Law (USRF) started in early 2009 as a result of discussions between the SAC Chief Justice, Anton Ivanov, and a member of the USRF Board of Directors, Judge Michael Mihm.

The goal of the program is an exchange of experience and information between Russian and American rule-of-law experts. The program includes trips by American experts to Russia, and Russian judges, court and government officials to the US. Expenses are shared by both parties.

Business Climate in Russia Development 

Grantee: OPORA Rossii

The research is devoted to the analysis of the conditions and factors that affect business climate in the Russian regions. More than 6 000 entrepreneurs from 40 regions of Russia participated in the research as respondents. Mostly they were representatives of SME's in industrial sector. The project provides practical tools to stimulate entrepreneurship. It is supported by federal and regional executive authorities, including Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, Ministry of Regional Development of Russia and administrations of several regions of Russia.

Using IP-based Contracts for Creating Relationships and Opportunities for Universities

Grantee: Higher School of Economics 

The project focuses on the protection of intellectual property, one of the key challenges facing all Russian institutions.  Its long-term effect will be help Russian universities manage their IP assets and build enduring links to outside stakeholders.

Development of the Small Business Sector in Russia by Creating a Series of TV Programs "Build Your Business"

Grantee: Centre "Praktika"

The Center Praktika developed a series of TV programs that explain the legal and economic aspects of the private sector of the Russian regions. They are intended as an entertaining and practical guide for potential entrepreneurs. These programs have been aired by leading regional TV companies from eight federal districts of Russia (including Nizhny Novgorod, Irkutsk, Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk, Tomsk, Ekaterinburg, Kazan, and Kirov).

The Open Internet Olympic Contest «Finances, Investments and Trading» as a Tool of Shaping Financial Literacy and Socio-economic Competency for Schoolchildren on Personal Finances Responsible Management

Grantee: Private School Naslednik

The project activity is aimed at increasing the level of students' financial literacy and acquisition of systematic knowledge, skills and understanding of rights and responsibilities for financial services consumers and thus prepare them for future adult life.

From Disability to Economic Growth and Diversity 

Grantee: Regional Organization of Disabled People "Perspektiva"

The project is based on previous efforts of Perspektiva to establish the Russian Business Advisory Board on Disability (BABD). Today BABD members include: ANCOR, Citi Bank, Clifford Chance, Coleman Services, DPD, Ernst &Young, Johnson & Johnson, KPMG, Microsoft,, Nike, Raiffeisen Bank, and Transaero. The main goal of the new project is to strengthen and expand the BABD. The project helped the BABD to develop the next steps for inclusion of people with disabilities in the labor force and marketplace.

Development and Testing Mediation Mechanisms in Civil Procedure

Grantee: Ural State Law Academy   

The project is aimed at integrating mediation into court procedures by training judges, developing procedural rules for referring cases to mediators, and ensuring formal conditions for the work of mediators. This project is closely linked to the new law on mediation and is supported by the Judicial Department for Sverdlovsk Region and Sverdlovsk Regional Court.

Program of Professional Development for Lawyers 

Grantee: St Petersburg Institute of Law named after Prince Oldenburgsky    

This project develops professional competencies of lawyers by addressing some of the most pressing problems of Russian legal education – the lack of practical skills training and client-oriented approach -- through practical training, interactive teaching methods, work with hypothetical cases, role playing, simulation, etc.

Financial Literacy for NGOs

Grantee: St-Petersburg NGOs Development Centre

The project goal is to build capacity of Russian NGOs through enhancing their financial literacy. The project helps NGOs to act as competent agents of modern Russian economy – manage financial resources effectively, flexibly and safely, take use of new opportunities and financial instruments. This goal is achieved through training, exchange of experience, and consultations for NGOs.

Enhancing the Mechanisms of the Civil Society Involvement in the Law-making Process

Grantee: Russian Law-making Society

The project addresses a serious problem in the present-day Russia: the lack of public deliberation of socially significant legislative drafts. Expected practical outcomes include specific proposals for involving citizens and civic organizations into substantive discussions of legislative drafts. The new formats for public deliberation of legislative drafts will be piloted in State Duma Committees. The project has been supported by the Presidential Administration and the Public Chamber.

Creation of the School of Continuing Education for Young Lawyers with the Aim of Providing Legal Support to Business in the Republic of Bashkortostan

Grantee: Bashkir State University

The grantee developed and launched a pilot model of additional practical training for senior law students. The classes taught at the School are developed and delivered by successful legal professionals working in the Republic of Bashkortostan. The students have a rare opportunity to complement their  theoretical knowledge obtained during regular classes with information based on real-life experience and views of practitioners with diverse areas of expertise. The interest on the part of the local business and government bodies strengthens the project's prospects for sustainability and replicability.

Developmen and Implementation of Institutional Standards of  Providing Qualified Legal Assistance

Grantee: Moscow Regional Branch of the Association of Russian Lawyers

The project is aimed at developing and promoting institutional standards of providing qualified legal assistance (QLA). To this end, the Association of Russian Lawyers also created 2 pilot Centers of Qualified Legal Assistance in Moscow Region; lawyers working at these centers were trained to follow the new institutional standards developed by the Association of Russian Lawyers in cooperation with the Bar, academia and state bodies.


Development of Common Criteria for Judicial Community and Civil Society to Estimate Efficiency of the Judicial System in Russia

Grantee: Leonid Nikitinsky Center for Legal Initiatives

Development of legal instruments for bankruptcy of individuals, debt collection activities and protection from foreclosure

Grantee: Russian Microfinance Center

Development of an infrastructure of introduction and commercialization of results of R&D in Kazan State Technological University

Grantee: Kazan State Technological University

Foresight-project: "SME Development until 2020-2025"

Grantee: OPORA Rossii

Creating Conditions for Legal Development and Resolution of Disputes by Implementing Mediation Technologies

Grantee: Centre for Sustainable Development of Pskov Region

Competitiveness of Local Governments as a Factor in Regional Economic Development and Entrepreneurship

Grantees: University of Pittsburg / International Market Institute

Enhancing Transparency and Accountability of Supervisory Boards Activities in Foundations, Endowments and Self-regulatory Organizations in Russia

Grantee: Independent Directors Association in Russia, IDA

Creation of the English Version of the Internet-Portal of OPORA Russia

Grantee: OPORA Rossii

Pilot Exchange Program between Russian and American Rule of Law Professionals

Grantee: Paul Klebnikov Fund

Problems and Challenges of Introducing Individual Bankruptcy Institution in Russia

Grantee: Economic and Social Research Institute

Finances World Wide

Grantee: New Perspectives Foundation

Strategic Planning of Territorial Cluster Development

Grantee: Nizhnekamsk Chemical Engineering Institute (a branch of Kazan State Technological University)

JA Enterprise Education Platform

Grantee: Junior Achievement Russia

Certifying Compliance with Law Prohibiting Official Corruption

Grantee: Center for Business Ethics and Corporate Governance

Promoting Judiciary Transparency and Better Court Reporting

Grantee: Guild of Court Reporters

Improving Energy Efficiency

Grantees: University – Higher School of Economics / University of North Carolina

Student's All-Russia Juridical Academic Competition

Grantee: Youth Union of Lawyers of Russian Federation

The Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition

Grantee: International Law Students Association

Students' Law Clinics

Grantee: Law Department of Moscow State University named after M.V.Lomonosov

Pilot Project of the Russian-American Judicial Partnership with participation of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation «The Rule-of-Law and the Correlation between Public and Private Interests in Solving Economic Disputes»

Grantee: Institute of Law and Public Policy

Development of Microfinances in Russia

Grantee: Russian Microfinance Center

Assistance to Enhance the Legal Framework for Policymaking Related to Measures Taken by the CBR to Stabilize the Banking System Following the Financial Crisis in Russia

Grantee: Financial Services Volunteer Corps (FSVC)

Sociological Research of the Legal Services Market in the Russian Federation

Grantee: Economic and Social Research Institute

Legal Protection of Small and Medium Business in Southern Federal District in the Context of WTO Accession

Grantee: Volgograd State University

Bi-national Exhibit "Liberator and Emancipator, Alexander II and Abraham Lincoln"

Grantee: The American Russian Cultural Cooperation Foundation ("ARCCF")

The NGO Lawyers' Club

Grantee: NGO School


Competing for the Future… Today: a New Generation of Innovative Policies for Russia

Grantee: OPORA Rossii

Comparative Constitutional Law in Today's Russia

Grantee: Institute of Law and Public Policy

Entrepreneurs Are Made, Not Born

Grantee: Junior Achievement Russia

Mentoring Program to Support Women in Business

Grantee: Committee of 20