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On November 17, Anna Danilina, Director of USRF branch, took part in the conference «Technological Entrepreneurship and Innovations in Russian Higher Education System», convened by Center for US-Russia Entrepreneurship within the framework of World Entrepreneurship Week

News Date: 23.11.2011 | News author: USRF Moscow Office

The conference took place in Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Computer Science.

The goal of the conference was to give Russian university teachers a forum platform where they could share experience with experts and their colleagues on best practices in the development of technological entrepreneurship in students’ environment, as well as learn about interaction of universities and hi-tech companies.

The conference participants were welcomed by:

  • Victor Sedov, General Director of Center for  US - Russia Entrepreneurship
  • Natalia Tikhomirova, Rector of Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Computer Science
  • Natalia Suhareva, General Director of Center for Modern Educational Technologies
  • Alexey Komissarov, Head of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship Department of Moscow
  • Vel Kogan, President of Business Council for US Mid-Atlantic States and Russia

Guests were also welcomed by the staff of the World Entrepreneurship Week (6EW) from the USA.

The following four sessions were held within the framework of the conference:

  • Support of the youth innovative business in Russian universities - innovation infrastructure of leading Russian universities;
  • International experience: modern technologies for training and support of innovative entrepreneurship in universities. International partnership;
  • Integration of modern higher school into innovative economics: interaction of universities with the hi-tech companies and venture foundations;
  • Educational contexts for future entrepreneurs: the future of innovative education, development of innovative potential of universities and schools.

At the conference representatives of higher schools and venture businessmen shared experience on innovative educational technologies, modern approach to the educational content, creation of innovative studios and business centers. The participants discussed the work of business incubators and techno-parks at universities, international partnership opportunities, market promotion of innovations and investments in students’ innovative projects.

According to the participants a significant advantage of the event was the possibility for representatives of leading Russian universities to exchange practical recommendations on commercialization of results of innovative research.

Marina Sukhorukova, Head of Technological Entrepreneurship and Innovations Management department of NRU IТМО and Director of Inter-university Students’ Incubator "Quattuor Dimensionis" ("QD") spoke about new MA programs on technological entrepreneurship on the basis of students’ business incubator. Mrs. Sukhorukova. highlighted the history of the incubator foundation, special features and targets of MA course, and cited statistical data confirming successful work of the incubator and MA for startups. To be reminded, NRU ITMO is a hub of EUREKA program aimed at promoting commercialization of scientific research and entrepreneurship in Russian scientific research universities, and it actively collaborates with University of California Los Angeles within the framework of two modular projects:

- Modular project EWIC: Enhancing NRU ITMO international innovative potential;

- Modular project CAIB: Promotion of Russian innovations to international markets of intellectual property and venture capital.

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