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On November 21, within the framework of EURECA program an international conference "Economy of Leadership and Innovation. Youth Involvement Formats" took place in Kazan

News Date: 24.11.2011 | News author: USRF Moscow Office

Russia puts forward ambitious but attainable goals of long-term development aimed at achieving high living standards for people, enhancing geopolitical role of the country as one of the global leaders of the world political agenda. The only possible way to reach these goals is to transfer the economy to innovative socially-focused model of development.

It requires the formation of leadership and innovation economy. Quantitative indicators of such economy by 2020 are as follows: to take considerable share (5-10 percent) in 5-7 positions of hi-tech and intellectual services market, to double the share of hi-tech sector in gross national product (from 10.9 to 17-20 percent), to increase by five-six times the share of innovative products of industrial output, by four-five times - the share of innovatively active enterprises (from 9.4 to 40-50 percent)

The dominant role in shaping the economy of leadership is played by the so-called creative class which by expert estimations is based on people up to the age of 35, by young people. The basic mission is the development and promotion of new approaches to business, social policy, regional development.

Creative class representatives are very unevenly distributed on Russian territory concentrating primarily in big cities. To achieve effective development of Russian regions it is essential to create conditions for maximum involvement of young people in the strategy of social and economic development of the regions. Only young people can not just offer, but also realize the most innovative plans and approaches, create the greatest possible added value in the regions.

The key mechanism of forming and expanding the creative class is interrelation of innovative educational and social policy focused on the fullest enhancing of the youth’s potential and self-realization. Executive administration in collaboration with universities and business structures are the driving force of innovative policy at the regional level

«New Eurasia» Foundation in the partnership with Association of Russian Innovative Regions and techno-park "Idea" with the support of the Tatarstan Republic Government held an international conference «Economy of Leadership and Innovations. Youth Involvement Formats» in Kazan, Republic Tatarstan, on November 21, 2011

The conference will be organized within the framework of inter-regional and international program "Eureka" . The current initiative program is funded by US - Russian Foundation for Economic Advancement and Rule of Law (USRF) and is convened in collaboration with RF Ministry of Education and Science. The program aimed at developing research and entrepreneurship potential of Russian universities has been included in the training programs of the Russian-American Intergovernmental Presidential Commission working subgroup.

«New Eurasia» Foundation, the agency for social development, has considerable experience in realization of innovative social and educational projects. It initiated a series of international seminars, conferences and symposiums on mechanisms of innovative ecosystem in Russia, on the role of education, business and administration.

The conference is convened within the framework of the network component of the "Eureka" program and is a logical continuation of the «New Eurasia» Foundation educational block, particularly of such events as:

- international seminar «Innovative Infrastructure Development of Leading Universities», December 10, 2010;

- international conference «Leading Russian Universities in the Context of European Tendencies for Higher School Development », June 28, 2011;

- international conference «World Practices in University Interaction with Business and Regional Administration in Technology Transfer», September 20, 2011;

- international conference «Participation of Higher Schools in Regional Social and Economic Development. World Experience and Russian Practice», October 21, 2011.

Following the results of the conference the below-mentioned steps were taken:

  • Inventory of successful international, Russian, regional experience in bringing up the youth as creative class geared to the development of innovative economy
  • Working out projects on enhancing efficiency of social and educational policy of Russian regions aimed at developing creative class;
  • Formation of portfolio of social and educational project ideas and suggestions stimulating entrepreneur, constructive, creative, innovative activity of young people of different age.
  • Evaluation of new approaches and forms of interaction between executive administration, business and universities helping work out and implement projects aimed at bringing up the youth as creative class of Russian regions.

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